Natural Environment Research Council

Whether you are a scientist, engineer, caterer or administrator, the Natural Environment Research Council's (NERC) offers rewarding career prospects. All our staff contribute to NERC's guiding mission: to tackle the 21st century's major environmental issues such as climate changebiodiversity and natural hazards.

NERC employs over 2500 people at over 40 locations throughout the UK, with opportunities to travel to beautiful and hostile environments across the globe. Choose from a wealth of careers and locations, including technical posts in Edinburgh, corporate administration positions in Swindon and environmental science roles in the Arctic.

We coordinate some of the world's most exciting research projects, tackling major issues like climate change, environmental impact on health, genetics and much more.

Major ongoing NERC projects include:

  • Showing the importance of mature tropical forests to the global climate.
  • Developing a safer and cleaner way to mine gold by reducing the use of mercury.
  • Studying the hole in the ozone layer - discovered by our British Antarctic Survey - and monitoring climate change.
  • Playing a major role in the International Census of Marine Life that monitors our oceans.

We encourage career development through training and study support, and our teams are based in some wonderful places. Opportunities arise with universities, research centres and industries worldwide.

We run six organisations of world renown:

  1. British Antarctic Survey, in Cambridge.
  2. British Geological Survey, in Nottingham.
  3. National Oceanography Centre, in Southampton.
  4. Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, in Oxfordshire.
  5. National Centre for Atmospheric Science, in Leeds.
  6. National Centre for Earth Observation, Swindon.

Alongside scientists and engineers from all disciplines we need people to maintain and develop our state-of-the art facilities and kit. Hundreds of support staff - cleaners, public relations professionals and IT experts - keeps us on track.

We run data centres, archives and libraries, and maintain specialist research ships and aircraft, supercomputers and carbon dating labs. NERC's magazine Planet Earth publishes articles, news and images by our staff in academia and administration.

If you'd like to join a world leader in environmental science, a world of possibilities and exploration awaits.

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