Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) invests in some of the most exciting and innovative research projects on behalf of the UK public, supporting around 1,600 scientists and 2,000 research students in universities and institutes across the UK.

Whether you are seeking a job in science strategy and policy, communications or the commercialisation of our funded research, we have lots of exciting openings for you. Opportunities are available at BBSRC's office in Swindon as well as at UKCDS in London and UKRO in Brussels.


Upon joining us you'd benefit from BBSRC's pivotal position in the UK's world-leading bioscience industry. We'd invest in your future and career through tailored training and development and have many other generous employee benefits.

Our guiding mission is to further scientific knowledge, promote economic growth, wealth and job creation, and improve quality of life in the UK and beyond. And, given that bioscience will have to tackle THE major challenges facing humanity in the coming decades, you would contribute and positively affect lives across the globe. Here are just some of the upcoming challenges that BBSRC-funded research is helping to tackle:

· Feeding nine billion people sustainably by 2050 means ongoing research into crop and animal production efficiency, and reducing waste in the food chain.

· Developing renewable 'low carbon' sources of energy, transport fuels and chemicals - so reducing dependence on dwindling oil reserves.

· Staying healthier for longer as lifespans increase and society ages.

BBSRC-funded research underpins key sectors of the UK economy such as agriculture, bioenergy, biotechnology, food and drink and pharmaceuticals. If you have an interest in bioscience and seek a rewarding career, we'd like to talk to you.

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