Arts and Humanities Research Council

Whatever your background, the Arts and Humanities Research Council [AHRC] offers interesting careers in a variety of areas.

Established in 1998 and renamed by Royal Charter in 2005, AHRC helps support world-class research that furthers our understanding of human culture and creativity.

We employ more than 80 people in Swindon, in a variety of roles, supporting an array of groundbreaking research projects, from ancient history and heritage science to modern dance and digital content.

Recent projects of local, national and international interest include:

  • Excavations of Roman Emperor Nero's `Portus` shipyard involving UK universities, Italian cultural bodies and the British School in Rome.
  • Learning from the rise of citizen journalism and hyperlocal publishing.
  • Examining the role of national human rights commissions.
  • Training through the Heritage Apprentice Programme - providing work placements with national and international organisations.

The AHRC is a forward-looking employer. If you'd like to be part of AHRC's diverse and fascinating work, there are opportunities aplenty.

Our work adds to the economic success of the UK, through enhancing the knowledge economy and instigating innovation.

AHRC funded research can lead to improvements in society, community identity, learning skills, technological evolution and the quality of life of the nation.

Important AHRC opportunities include administering applications and grants, through to a range of professional support roles from Communications to Finance.

In a fast-changing commercial world where few major corporations or multinationals finance research in this important human area, AHRC has a vital responsibility. We help develop understanding of culture, heritage and the creative industries. You can contribute to our passion for innovative research that explores our fascinating past and futures.

AHRC and its staff make positive connections all over the world. If you would like a rewarding role and make new connections on the way, please read on.

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