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Daniel Korbel

Name Daniel Korbel
Job Title Senior Research Portfolio Manager

I have been involved in a range of capacity building initiatives for public health and infectious diseases research, both as an academic researcher and as a research manager working for a major charity. Over the past decade, I have worked a great deal with and in low- and middle-income countries and have developed a keen interest in the evidence base underlying international development and ways to maximise the impact of research evidence in the development sciences. My main motivation for embarking on this career path is the belief that research evidence and scientific thinking have an important role to play in contributing to the global effort to alleviate poverty.
I joined the ESRC because of its strong position as one of the UK’s leading funders of research in the international development space and the pioneering role it has played in the evaluation of research impact. On a day to day basis, I interact with various teams across the ESRC, RCUK, other research councils, government departments (in particular the UK Department for International Development) and many of the leading academics in international development. I particularly enjoy the dynamic, friendly and welcoming atmosphere at the ESRC and the huge range of backgrounds, expertise and insights my colleagues add to the mix.

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Daniel Korbel